Salt Pan Creek thru to Sutherland

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Salt Pan Creek thru to Sutherland

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The Salt Pan Creek Trail in Riverwood

There is some excellent exploring to be done on bike and on foot around Salt Pan Creek which is in the suburb of Riverwood.  


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I started my ride from John Mountford Reserve which is really handy to the corner of the M5 and King Georges Rd. I then crossed south under the M5 and headed west next to the M5.  You can ride for a few kilometers on pretty good trails crossing only three roads. You will then come to Salt Pan reserve which you can bypass on good trail to the north. Alternatively bump around on a mountain bike on a longer trail for a laugh by heading the long way round.


Crossing under the M5 past some street art and you are at Mclaughlin Oval.  This is another good entry point to the trail and a good place for kids to start riding.  If you want to do a bike ride and then pack the bikes away and do a walk, this is a good place to start.


From the Oval, you start to run into about a 1.5km of wooden walkways. You need to walk on these as they are not so wide and the council says they may fine you. That said, where in Sydney can you walk on 1.5 km of wooden walkways in mangroves. So walk and ride south down Salt Pan Creek till you get to a bridge.  You can ride a little further where it turns into a walking track.  


To avoid walking back up the walkways, cross the bridge and head left on a neat little trail that ends up at Riverwood Park. Head down Union and the Roosevelt Streets till you get to the Karne Street reserve. Now you are back on the original trail.


Head back to where you started.  


Notes: You could train to this trail by getting off at Narwee Station which is near John Mountford Reserve.  


This trail is very kid friendly if you start near the Riverwood Community Centre or McLaughlin oval and you will have about 3 kms of trail to ride on.



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Pictures starting at the John Mountford Reserve, head west to Salt Pan Creek and then return back through Riverwood to the same trail and head back to the start. The map shows where you need to be aware about walking on wooden walkways and also the easy way to head around the giant reserve. Filming on a wet day and a dry day.



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This is as far as you can go down Salt Pan Creek, turnaround

This is as far as you can go down Salt Pan Creek, turnaround


Bridge over Salt Pan Creek to Riverwood

Bridge over Salt Pan Creek to Riverwood



If you want to add another 8km and see the engineering work on the M5 as below , read this >>




Get to Salt Pan Creek from Bankstown

Getting from Bankstown to Salt Pan Creek is not all that difficult and its only 4 km.  If you can find the Grahame Thomas Oval, you are well on your way. Check my map carefully for the crossing of Fairford Rd and Cantebury Rd.  Probably don't take your kids until you know what you are doing and they know how to keep in a straight line.  When you get to Salt Pan, remember to walk your bikes on the wooden bridges. Definitely take kids around Salt Pan Creek.



Extend Your Trip another 20km by heading to Sutherland

You can head south from Riverwood across the Point Alfred Bridge to Menai and then head east to Sutherland Station along Menai Rd.  Its all separated cycleway after a few tricky backroads in Riverwood.


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Here are all the Instagram photos of the ride


Padstow Heights to Riverwood Station to Oatley Park

You can go down the edge of Henry Lawson drive and then through Riverwood back streets to get to Riverwood station.  Its an OK path.  You can ride up a very steep hill from Oatley Park near Lime Kiln Reserve and then its a relatively easy ride through back streets to Riverwood Station. Read more on Oatley and Como here


See the Salt Pan creek and Oatley Park map here on Google >>


Commuters and more may want to head to Revesby Station

I have established a good alternative track from Alfords Point Rd to Revesby Station. This is good for two reasons, Revesby is an express station on the Glenfield line and its a little bit closer than Riverwood. There are some steep streets in the area so study the map carefully. One reader said the streets of Padstow can get busy during school times.


Also on the map is a quick detour to the lookout in Padstow Heights overlooking Salt Pan Creek and the Georges River. Its off the Berkely Trail on a bush track that requires walking the bike.  Not too far.


See it on the map here >>


Pictures from Revesby to Padstow Heights via the steepest hill in Sydney










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