Rhodes to Cooks River

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Rhodes to Cooks River

The track between Rhodes Station and the Start of Cooks River took me two attempts. Its pretty well sign posted except two signs were in the wrong direction. This trail is only to get you between Olympic Park and Cooks River, its a "rubbish track". The alternative is train between Rhodes and Strathfield and ride to Cooks river from there.

There are a few road sections and road crossings so proceed with caution. The bonus is once you get to the Cooks River its all downhill to the Airport.

Follow the map carefully crossing Powell Creek, finding Airley park on The Cresent and once you leave Melville Park, follow the signs. Once you get to the end of the golf course, you go out on the main road for 30 metres and then enter Barker St. 


If you get lost, look on your phone for 34 Melville Ave Strathfield or say hello to a cyclist heading in that direction as they are probably going the same way.

Its 8 km in distance and took me 30 minutes. 


Powels Creek Detour >> 


The initial section of this trail from Olympic park passes along a less than perfect Powells Creek. This is undergoing a beautification process and is closed.  The path I have laid out does not work in this area. Follow this link to see the alternative route. Personally for an enjoyable riding experience, I would catch the train from Rhodes to Strathfield  and ride the Cooks River Trail from there.  Mid 2018 before this is rectified.


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