Cycling Around Port Stephens

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Cycling Around Port Stephens



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First lets start in Corlette in Port Stephens where you can join the wonderful 6km long Bartlett Cycleway and ride along the coast from Corlette to Nelson Bay Lighthouse.  This is a great ride and you certainly can take your teenagers along with you. To complete the first part of this ride you can grit your teeth and head up to the Nelson Bay Lighthouse.


Great scenery, take your time, be friendly to the walkers and when you are finished, you are still in beautiful Port Stephens and there will be lots to do. Take a bike lock if you want to go exploring off bike.


The full recreational ride is 26km including return journeys (see below).

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Photos of the Bartlett Cycleway follow

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Heading to Fingal Bay

Just after the Ferry terminal and the boat harbour, you come to Fly Point where you have two choices, head to the lighthouse along the coast or head up the hill to the on the wiggly path through the park and back to the edge of Shoal Bay Rd.  Thats the way I went., up Shoal Bay Rd.  When you see a forest on the right, you will cross the road and ride along the northern end.  Follow the path next to the forest until you get to Government Rd.  Cross that and head down Horace St.  This turns back into a cycle way and you follow that till you get to Fingal Bay.  The cafe at the surf lifesaving club is good. When the shared path ended, I headed up to Barry's Park where there is a whale watching platform.  I saw a lot of splashes, they were on the move mid August.  


Lots of photos here >>


A walk from Barry's Park is recommended as the views are spectacular and the fauna is pretty good to.


Tomaree Mountain

A must on any visit to Port Stephens is to climb Tomarree Mt.  You can check this out on your bike. From Fingal Bay, head back down the track and Horace St and continue to the coast.  You can either ride on the road or the path if no one is around down to Mt Tomaree.  When you get there, head to the left on the closed of roads down a great path.  Take a bunch of photos and now you can ride back towards Corlette.  When you come to the Diggers Club, take a right down Dixon Drive and head for the Lighthouse.  Walk or ride to the top for your High Tea and great views.  Now you can ride around the coast back to Corlette.  Its a totally super ride.


View of Shoal Bay from the top of  Mt Tomaree

View of Shoal Bay from the top of  Mt Tomaree



Fire Trails

There are a lot of fire trails in the area.  If you look at my map here, this will show you how to get to them. One of the bike groups I follow went down Anna Bay Boreline to the end and then rode off somewhere else.  A guy on a fat wheeled bike said the roads can get sandy.  Just don't go in if its a fire risk day and go with a friend.


Port Stephens council page on bike trails



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