Rhodes Station To Parramatta

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Rhodes Station To Parramatta

What a great ride this is. Catch a train to Rhodes station. Travel across the railway bridge to the north side of the river. Follow the track all the way to Parramatta, a distance of 13 km. Along the way you will travel trough the marshlands on some high quality bridges and bike infrastructure. If you want a shorter ride, cross at the Silverwater bridge which you should use on the way back to ride through Olympic Park. There are great cafes in Parramatta. If you are really keen you can ride around Parramatta Park as well.



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Notes: There are two bike hire centres at Olympic park. Rhodes station has lifts.

There are a couple of road sections on this trail near Melrose Park but they are not long. The warehouse road section detour was replaced with trail up Subiaco creek in June 2017 so  will no longer be an issue. Do not bother trying to ride on the south side of the river between Silverwater bridge and Parramatta.





See the Google Map of this trail here


On the way back, head across Silverwater bridge and ride through Olympic Park

On the way back, head across Silverwater bridge and ride through Olympic Park


Heading across Silverwater Bridge to Olympic Side

Heading across Silverwater Bridge to Olympic Side





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External Link: Parramatta Council Cycle Page - You can Zoom the PDF  plus this council page www.cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au/cycling Lake Parramatta Walking Tracks




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