Otago Rail Trail - New Zealand

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Otago Rail Trail - New Zealand

Travelling to New Zealand to ride the Otago Rail Trail is actually going to be easy. All you need to think about is bringing your family and friends and you won't need to bother about packing bikes and things like that. Your initial target is getting to the starting point and selecting a tour group to sort out all the bike stuff. We selected CycleSurgery New Zealand.


In brief your ride will probably go like this.


Day 0: Get to the start point from the airport or hotel at Queenstown or Dunedin , settle into some nice accomodation, we started in Clyde, get fitted for your bikes and head to a nice restaurant or pub.


Day 1: Hand over your bags to your tour organisers and ride for 3 or 4 hours along a really flat well maintained gravel trail till you get to a another great NZ country town.  We choose Omakau for our first trail night and that was about 35 km away. That's where the tour organisers take your bags so you travel very light. Trying to understand the distances that you can travel in a day is one of the more important decisions you have to make.


Days 2 - 4: Repeat the riding to a new town, eating great food, having fun. We stayed at Wedderburn and Hyde on the other two nights.


Last Day:  The number of days depends on whether you are a 50km a day person or less. Regardless, your last day will end in Middlemarch a cool 160km away from Clyde. Here you pick up your bags from the tour organizers and head by train to Dunedin or you go in the small tour bus back to Queenstown.


Note: Some people like to do a day trip or two day trips and then do other things in the area.


If you want to find out lots of details on our action packed journey and have a laugh, I published a detailed story on the Otago Rail Trail on the MumPackTravel website.



If you are seriously thinking of doing the trail, here are links to the official guide to the trail and the official interactive map. Otherwise just look at all the great photos we compiled from our journey down the Otago.


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The overall map of the ride is then followed by pictures from Clyde on Day 1 through to Middlemarsh on Day 4. It took a day to get from Sydney to Queenstown and then be transported to Clyde.




nzotag0800_dsc02372_zoom50nzotag0805_dsc02374_zoom50nzotag0808_dsc02378_zoom50nzotag0809_wp_20161215_07_53_47_zoom50nzotag0810_dsc02382_zoom50NZotag0810_DSC02388nzotag0812_DSC02386nzotag0815_dsc02390_zoom75NZotag0820_DSC02392NZotag0825_DSC02393NZotag0835_DSC02395NZotag0840_DSC02397NZotag0845_DSC02398NZotag0850_DSC02400nzotag0855_dsc02401_zoom75 NZotag0860_DSC02402NZotag0865_DSC02403NZotag0870_DSC02405NZotag0875_DSC02406nzotag0880_dsc02407_zoom50NZotag0885_DSC02408NZotag0890_DSC02409nzotag0895_dsc02410_zoom50NZotag0900_DSC02412NZotag0905_DSC02413NZotag0910_DSC02420

Day 2

Day 2

nzotag1100_dsc02434_zoom50nzotag1110_DSC02438nzotag1120_DSC02441nzotag1135DSC02454nzotag1140_WP_20161216_12_56_50nzotag1145DSC02463nzotag1160_DSC02466nzotag1180_wp_20161216_13_16_37_zoom50nzotag1190_WP_20161216_13_19_05nzotag1200_DSC02480nzotag1210_DSC02484nzotag1250_dsc02495_zoom50nzotag1260_dsc02497_zoom50nzotag1270_DSC02498nzotag1280_wp_20161216_15_58_45_zoom50nzotag1290_dsc02507_zoom50nzotag1300_wp_20161217_06_43_00_zoom50nzotag1310_WP_20161217_06_43_44 facebookfindus

Day 3

Day 3


Day 4

Day 4

nzotag1480_DSC02619Cycle Surgery Coffee at the end



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Foot Note: The Otago Rail Trail is where your editor realised that bike riding was going to be his full time hobby.






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