Mortlake Ferry Ride

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Mortlake Ferry Ride

This is a spectacular slightly hilly trail that has a little free ferry adventure thrown in. Its the trip from Cabarita Park across to Putney and then along the river to the Rhodes railway bridge and back. The length that you will ride will depend entirely on the times that the Mortlake ferry is running. So start by looking up the times /vehicular-ferries/


In general it starts early during weekdays but ends before 10am and cranks up again in the afternoon.  On the weekend it starts at 10:30 am and runs till 6. Don't get stranded, read the timetable and ask the captain when onboard so you don't get stranded.




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So you can start this ride at Rhodes station or you can drive your bike to Cabarita Park near Mortlake. Now ride along the spectacular foreshore to the Mortlake Ferry where you will be able to go past all the cars and make your way to the bike parking lot. You will be "last on" so park your bike and sit and wait. There are plenty of spots for bikes. When you get off on the Putney side, you will be last off and the cars will have disapeared. At this stage note the time becuase you need to compute when to turn around to catch the ferry back.


You now have 15 mins of no traffic to get yourself up the steep hill to Putney park. Follow the unbusy road up to Dyson street. Turn left and maybe walk down the steep hill down to start of the trail.  You can now cycle towards Parramatta and turn around at the appropriate time.  On the way, you will pass the Kissing Point ferry wharf.


If you catch the train to Rhodes, you get to ride the railway bridge across the river.


Notes: It is possible to do a loop through Concord Hospital but its impossible to work out where to go so all I can say is just head east and work it out.  The track google shows on bike trails is muddy and I couldn't find the start. You may need to do this loop if you miss the ferry.


You can also head east from Cabarita Park to Canada Bay but there are a lot of houses and even a section where the aged residents ask you not to ride. At this stage, you will need to walk your bike 400m. I would only do Canada Bay once, heading to Parramatta and Olympic Park is way better riding.


For smaller kids, stick to the Mortlake side which is 2km long. Its another 4km up to the Rhodes railway bridge from Putney.


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The full ride that I went on, useful only if you miss the ferry and want to go to Canada Bay

The full ride that I went on, useful only if you miss the ferry and want to go to Canada Bay





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