Liverpool to Parramatta Track

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Liverpool to Parramatta Track

Guildford to Parramatta - This is a ride can be summarised as follows: - Good for a while then Urban but you have no choice if you want to make it to Parramatta.


The trail from Guildford station is slightly downhill and a great double lane trail. Unless the train is about to arrive at Guildford, you may as well ride your bike one more station because its fun.


Link to Google Map for Guildford to Parramatta >>


After Merrylands, all seems good until you turn the corner and arrive at Boomerang street. At this point you should behave like a Boomerang and ride back to Merrylands station but if you want to ride on, turn down Boomerang then Wallace and ride a short bit of unsatisfactory footpath under the railway bridge. Now follow a loop around and cross to end up a high street on the M4 cycleway.


Finally you see good signpost and you helter skelter down High St and Raymond street to the other side of the other railway line. Now a on a mixture of footpaths and roads takes you into Parramatta. The only good thing I can say about this part of the journey is that at 7:30 am on a Saturday, Parramatta wasn't busy. I doubt that will be the case during the week.


In summary, complete your ride at Merrylands station.




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