The Southern End of the M7 Motorway

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The Southern End of the M7 Motorway

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Imagine a world where bikes had their own roads and cars didn't exist. Well this is the M7 cycleway on the edge of the M7 freeway in western Sydney.  I travelled about half of the freeway this morning and crossed one road. The M7 is 40km long and you generally will have a few kilometers getting on and off it to the railway stations. Lets discuss the southern half.


See Western Parklands Map >>




If you start the M7 bike run from Edmondson Park station, its 1km road dash to Camden Valley Way. From there its easy riding on the northern side to the start of the M7.  And you are on your way. If you are finishing or starting this journey, good old McDonald's and a Petrol station are on Camden Valley way and this is the last drink break till you leave the M7 cycleway. In other words a long time so stock up and toilet break.


Here are the bike trails around the M7 region >>


So I then rode for 30km and turned off at the very easy to find Rooty Hill Station just after a gigantic Rooty Hill sign. To get your bearings, the mid point is around the M4 and the Great Western Highway.


Riding the M7 is a breeze as the photos will show but I did encounter a closed section at near Kesley St in Middleton Grange. This was due to flooding and I guess the bike trail went low under the M7 itself and was flooded.  Instructions for going around that section were on the closed gates.


Notes: For less drama on the M7 Cycleway

You should be able to change a inner tube or fix a puncture. Unless its the weekend, help is a distance away in some places and no one is coming to pick you up because they can't. There are a few places to get off the trail, so you could lock you bike somewhere and get help after walking a bit.

If you have a fast, thin wheeled bike in the garage, take that over the mountain bike. Its a smooth trail and you need speed to get up the hills. Otherwise, make sure you are running on full recommended pressure.

It shows elevation changes of about 130m but into the wind, it seemed harder than that. OK I am not getting a Tour de France jersey any time soon.

Work out the wind direction, you may as well put the spinnaker up.

Watch the sun direction, I was heading towards it though much of the trail is sheltered.

Take water and drink before you head off. There was a bubbler around the intersection with the M4. You could miss it.

No easy public toilets that I noticed. Maccas at the beginning. Light bike lock ??

Rooty Hill station didnt have a lift and it was a good carry to the top and down again.

Lycra will be out in force on the weekend so if your teenagers wiggle from side to side on the bike trail, watch out. I am sure this is a Strava Super highway from first light and so it should be, its terrific.

The M7 motorway send out warning emails when something is closed on the M7. It happens after big rains usually. Sign up here >>


On the way you pass turnoffs to Cecil Park, Elizabeth Dr and Lizard Log park for the kids is only a couple of kms away if you want to park you car nearby. Avoid Horsley Park Road, its dangerous on the footpath.



Pictures start at Edmondson Park and run through to Rooty Hill Station






instagran ginrei12

Bao N (insta ginrei12 )  took this great shot on the M7cycleway flyover of the M4.

m7_sth1290_DSC04167m7_sth1300_DSC04168m7_sth1310_DSC04170m7_sth1330_DSC04174m7_sth1340_DSC04176m7_sth1350_DSC04177m7_sth1360_DSC04178m7_sth1380_DSC04180m7_sth1390_DSC04182m7_sth1400_DSC04185m7_sth1410_DSC04187m7_sth1420_DSC04188m7_sth1430_DSC04189m7_sth1440_DSC04190m7_sth1450_DSC04193m7_sth1460_DSC04194m7_sth1470_DSC04198m7_sth1480_DSC04200m7_sth1490_DSC04201m7_sth1500_DSC04204m7_sth1510_DSC04206m7_sth1520_DSC04208m7_sth1530_DSC04209m7_sth1540_DSC04211m7_sth1550_DSC04214m7_sth1560_DSC04215m7_sth1570_DSC04217m7_sth1580_DSC04219 m7_sth1600_mapelevationfromphon




Banks Rd and Green Valley Creek

You probably want to ride down Banks Road as an alternative to Cowpasture. It follows the bus express road and does not actually go near any roads except on the odd crossing.  Its main downfall is bumps between the large sheets of concrete. Green Valley Creek is fine as a path but petters out after Elizabeth drive.  The Buddist temple near Elizabeth Drive is a highlight. I highlight it in commuter green becuause its functional more than scenic.  Distance: 22km
Trail in commuter green starting at Prestons at the bottom of the map here >>






External Links:   Road Depart Page M7 Instagram Photos Official Map and Sign Up For M7 Alerts, especially if its been raining a lot as they sometimes close sections M7 Brochure in PDF




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