Cycling around La Perouse

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Cycling around La Perouse

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If you want to ride 10km and see a fort, beaches, wharfs, a cemetery and East Sydney's latest kids park, head to La Perouse.


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With kids and teens, start at the terrific new Chifley Sports Reserve on Bunnerong Rd. There is a 1 km double lane track around two ovals and a great kids playground and even a skate park.


If you actually want to going riding. Safely cross Bunnerong road and head down  to La Perouse and Bare Island Fort. It is a spectacular place and lots of wedding photos are taken there. Head down past the fish and chip shops and soon you will be in La Perouse Park. Follow the coast around the bays and past the Botany Cemetery. You can take a up-back on Prince of Wales drive for an extra 4km. Return to your car at Chifley Park down Military Rd and you will have had 10km of pretty safe fun.


Notes: Its shared path all the way and only a few road crossings. There is one bumpy section of 200m on the coast. Pretty easy really.


When you finish, head to Botany and ride another few km at Sir Joseph Banks Park. That is another kid friendly park.






Pictures start at La Perouse and follow the coast to end of Prince of Wales drive, then one photo of the play park and the mini kids bike track


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