Lane Cove National Park

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Lane Cove National Park

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When you go to the Lane Cove Cove National Park, you are going to ride on a road. This was never appealing to me as I try to stay away from cars as often as I can. Then as I finally got around to riding around the park on a rather cool morning in May, I asked one of my fellow riders what the cars are like in the park. She informed that the gates don't open till 9am. I then asked others and they said the cars later on in the day are OK anyway.


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So if you don't mind a hill or two, this is the smoothest place to ride a bike in Sydney and certainly the widest trails. And its a really nice bush setting.  If you traverse the park from one end to the other and back its about 10km. I did 15km by going "up and down" the exit roads. You can also ride on the north side of the Lane Cove River but this is more of a car zone.  


So how do you get there ? More than likely you will arrive by car unless you come in from Epping Rd or Lindfield. If you park in the park, you will need to pay for parking at about $8. Around the park there are some options but most of them involve going down a decent hill to get to the park.  There is a train station at West Ryde that you can use and you can also come in on the bike path from Macquarie Park at the western end.


Its great riding with the hills mainly around the roads that exit the park.

Getting from Chatswood to Epping Station


Riding from Chatswood to Epping is quite possible. The hill down from Chatswood station is very steep but well setup for bike riders. Lane Cove National Park is so good and the ride through Macquarie Park to Epping is mostly off road or well protected from cars. Hilly though. Here is the new map>>


Pictures from my first ride around Lane Cove National Park




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