High Country Rail Trail - Wodonga

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High Country Rail Trail - Wodonga



This long flat rail trail runs from Wodonga on the Hume Highway to Tallangatta (49 km) and then another section to Old Tallangatta.  Its a pretty good ride as you can see by my photos. There is even the unusual half and half track, tar and gravel. 

I think the best tactic for this trail if you are only spending one day is to work out how far you want to ride. Then park the car half that distance from Tallangatta. Then you can ride across the Sandy Creek Inlet bridge which is spectacular and eat at Tallangatta. Best notes on that are on this page.

A couple of interesting things happened on the ride, I talked to guy who rode 100km from Wodonga to Tallangatta and back in his gum boots and I was hit by torrential rain. I probably should have taken my boots and I really enjoyed my potato scallops at the chippy in Tallangatta.




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