Lady Carrington Drive

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Lady Carrington Drive

Lady Carrington Drive is a dirt road that follows the Hacking River up between a valley.  The trail runs for 10kms each way and is not stressful at all in the climbing department. It is quite bumpy every now and again if you are not running suspension.  So don't bring your one gear bikes or your expensive road bikes on this trail.


To get to the start of the trail is easy. Go to the entrance to Royal National next to the Loftus Oval. Pay 12$ parking fees to the ranger at the gate. Head to Audley, park. It is very easy to get diverted by the "high tea and cakes" straight away in Audley. If not all your group wants to ride, they may want to join the many families hiring boats and playing french cricket on the grass and having picnics.  


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But that is not why you are here, you want to ride and its off down the trail which you get to by riding past the eating area and down the wide river. Get on the dirt road and its a hop skip and a jump to  Sir Bertram Stevens Drive in the south.  Well it should have been but the day I did it the path was blocked three quarters of the way there by some building work.


You can also do a little riding along the river in a northerly direction from the Audley River crossing. Very pretty.


Take some water and a puncture repair kit or spare tube. That applies to all bike trails.  










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