Summerhill Station to Iron Cove

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Summerhill Station to Iron Cove

Get up early, hop on a train to Summer Hill and ride down and around Iron Cove for 15km of fun. I promise you won't be disappointed. Its flat, the tracks are wide but if its sunny and after 8am and the weekend, it will be very busy. Runners and walkers call the 8km loop "the Bay Run".


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At the station, ride down Grosvenor Cres to the railway bridge. Look for a little trail on the left. Ride a few hundred metres till you reach Parramatta Rd. Under the station you will find a lift, go up, across the road on the bridge and down the lift on the other side. The trail starts on the river. Ride down to the bay and then ride around it anti-clockwise. Return to Parramatta Rd and go back to the station. Its about an hour.


Notes: Suitable all bikes, supervise kids when it gets busy, great when raining for no runners and walkers.  North side of the cove you are next to traffic so be sure the kids are "Steady Eddies".









Drummoyne Pool

Drummoyne Pool



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