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Its time to explore

To get a mention on this website, a bike trail must be easy to ride, mostly car free and fun.

Discover the great bike trails in Australia, escape the grind and enjoy the scenery.

Edited by Garry Robinson, Sydney.


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Lets look at the places you can ride a bike


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You can ride from Parramatta to Brighton Le Sands, pedal around the harbour, ferry to Manly and ride, ride 35 km at Guildford and see the geese at Botany or bike-swim in Sydney or just


See all the Sydney Bike Trails




Newcastle has the longest rail trail and fantastic harbour riding, the ride to Wollongong is picture perfect and the Bong Bong at Bowral is a beauty.   NSW




Victoria has the best rail trails and three of them pass Lake Hume, Yea and Bruthen. These multi-day trails are superstars.




Lane Cove National Park is a cyclists dream before 9am. No cars, wide smooth roads and great Aussie bush and water glimpses to ride through.  After 9am, the traffic is all park goers and not too much of a problem.  



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Otago Rail Trail and San Francisco




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