The racing track at Heffron and maybe Maroubra

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The racing track at Heffron and maybe Maroubra

Heffron park is the park you go to when you know Centennial is going to be too busy or you just want to ride hard with no hassle. There is a historic race track that fills the centre that has some slow banked curves plus a nice concrete trail for bikes around most of the outside. Its great for kids on these tracks and there is even a mini kids traffic light area  at the southern end of the park.  


Here is a map of Heffron and the Malabar Loop >>

If you want to include a meandering ride along Maroubra beach, start at the northern end of Marine Pde and make your way along the footpath down to the beach and then head up Fitzgerald Ave. If there are people on the path, they have right of way. After crossing Anzac Pde, you will soon find yourself at Heffron. 

Note: Parking at Heffron is always easy at the northern end.


The Malabar Loop

BikEast from Sydney's east love the ride to La Perouse and they do it a really good way.  My maps pickup some of their trail at Maroubra and down through Malabar, past Randwick Golf Course, around past Little Bay and then down the back streets into La Perouse.  







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More Rides in the Immediate Area


La Perouse - Chifley Ride overlaps the Malabar Loop >>



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