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Guildford To Canley Vale via Prospect Reservoir

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Guildford To Canley Vale via Prospect Reservoir

This ride rolls along through meadows and parklands around the Prospect Reservoir for 27km.  In all that time you only pass through about ten roads on well designed crossings. Its a cyclists dream. Near Guildford you pass across the historic Greystaynes Aquaduct and travel along really consistent pretty flat wide concrete track for 7km. Its this end where you should start if you are not a great rider.


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I will now tell you how you should do this trail. Arrive by train at Guildford station. Then navigate the circuit to Canley Vale where Vietnamese steamed pork buns or a bakery or even a restaurant awaits you. Now hop on the train and head home.

If you drive, you can use the 7km trail from Canley Vale back to Guildford that sort of follows the rail line and passes through Fairfield. Its easy enough riding but is not much to get excited about. 

For road bike riders, head as far as Camsley Hill City Farm, then return back whence you came for 40km of work. The ride to Canley Vale from there is on shared footpaths and not so suited to road bikes. 

For kids, I suggest a trial run by arriving at Lizard Log Park where there is a kids loop or ride from Guildford to Prospect Dam with the older ones.

Downers: Unfortunately you don't get a great view of Prospect dam but I could have missed a turn off to a lookout. I suggest not doing this trail when its hot. 

Notes: From Guildford look for bike signs to Cecil Park. Once you get to the metal cow at Camsley Hill Farm, head down the creek following signs which say either Canley Vale, Fairfield, or Cabramatta. When you see Canley Vale village, you head off the trail for 500m to the shops.




The trail from Guildford to Canley Vale via Prospect Dam. 

The trail from Guildford to Canley Vale via Prospect Dam. 

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Camlsey Hill Farm

Camlsey Hill Farm




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Canley Vale to Guildford


The trail that leaves from just north of Canley Vale back to Guildford is rideable but not as pleasant as the rest of the trail. There is a lot of rubbish on the side of the path and a few factories to ride past. Here are pictures of the good bits. Personally I would catch the train back to my car if it was back at Guildford.


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