Glebe Foreshore, Fishmarkets and Anzac Bridge

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Glebe Foreshore, Fishmarkets and Anzac Bridge


A ride around Blackwattle Bay and Roselle Bay is fun, extremely scenic and relatively easy except for the bridge climb.

This is an adult ride because you ride right next to some really busy roads with no protection on a 2-3m concrete path. Ride anti-clockwise so you are not the one next to the traffic. On the paths to the bridge, watch for fast moving riders who are commuting, they may ring their bells but they can still run into a swerving child.


On the way round you have to climb up to cross the Anzac Bridge, you have to make your way down the footpath on Bridge Road to get to the fishmarkets and you can either pass thru the fishmarkets on the pedestrian lines or go around the side. Don't follow the cars into the fishmarkets as the road into the markets is very lumpy. 


Finally if you are riding around the Glebe foreshore from Jubilee Park through to the Fishmarkets, it is very likely that it will be overrun with walkers and dogs unless it is raining or early.  Not such a problem mid week but it still happens.


Kids will enjoy the Glebe Foreshore parks so keep them there.


Notes: 5km. No train access. A little hilly.  25 minutes. Take a bike lock if you want to wander around the fishmarkets.  Parking next to Jubilee Park will generally be good. If you want to get to Pyrmont and the Darling Harbour trail under the Anzac bridge, the best riding is to head clockwise from Jubilee Park and over the Anzac bridge. This will miss most of the walkers and dogs and the fishmarkets.



Glebe Trail shown in purple, Darling Harbour trail in blue.




See the Glebe and Darling Harbour trails together on Google Maps >> 



Very busy road, no protection. Ride anti clockwise and no kids

Very busy road, no protection. Ride anti clockwise and no kids





Extension into Balmain


Thanks to the knowledge of Steve from the Northern Beach Bikers, I now know the way into Balmain for serious coffee time. The run up past the hospital is quite steep but the roads are not busy at all.




External Links: Sydney Cycle Ways suggest a ride through Annandale and Glebe called the 3 creeks ride Walking around Glebe




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