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Fernleigh Rail Trail - Adamstown to Belmont

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Fernleigh Rail Trail - Adamstown to Belmont

Starts in Newcastle. 15km one way. Bitumen path. Through forests and trees the whole way.


See the Fernleigh on Map here >>

What stands out about this track is that you never leave the trees and the flora changes as you drop 80 odd metres in elevation from the Fernleigh tunnel to Belmont in the sand dunes. Look out for blue gums, rough-barked eucalypts, banksia trees, tea trees, wattle,  twisted scribbly gum and listen for the fantastic bell birds.

Easy riding, all bike types. Lots of information and a good brochure on the council page. There are also details on more easy road and track riding near Belmont.  

Notes: Trail starts from the Adamstown station so you might like to catch the train.  If coming by car, I enjoyed the trip from Sydney with the turnofff down the Princess Hwy through Doyalson.  Going this way you can start at Belmont and save some city driving.  You can also join the trail at Redhead this way.



The pictures run from Adamstown Station thru the fabulous Fernleigh tunnel to Belmont


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External Links: Nearby is Warners Bay, there is a good map on this page



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