Commute Northern Sydney using Epping Road

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Commute Northern Sydney using Epping Road

Cammeray to North Ryde - 11 kms One Way


There is a pretty decent separated cycle track that starts near the Long Gully bridge in Cammeray and runs along side the Gore Hill Fwy and down Epping road. I jumped on it at Bicentential Reserve in Willoughby because there is good parking and a decent cafe in that park.  In the google map link, you will see the start of the trail in Hamilton Lane.



The trail runs along and under the M1 and alongside the Epping Road which sits above the M2 when it is the Lane Cove Tunnel.  
Here is the map of Epping Rd and nearby trails >>


Along the trail which is generally not for kids, you have to concentrate on the following.

12 road crossings (do not jump the lights on these as cars turn at a good pace into these roads

You need to watch the line markings on the 4m wide trail because the markings are mixed. sometimes for walkers on the left and sometimes its on the right.

When you pass Delhi road, there are a number of driveways and as the trail is still good quality, you may be seduced into traveling too fast. I just missed T boning a car that just popped out and I was going slow as always.


The trail stops at Lane Cove road and there are bike signs to different suburbs after that.  I rode past around the cemetery and to the gates of Lane Cove national park.  You will find road riding and fire trails in the park.


One feature of the trail is that there are two 100m hills to climb up and roll down. One of these is Longueville Rd where there are some good cafes.


If you working in the North Ryde area, see if you can work out a way to ride to work some days rather than driving all the way up the M2 from the city. Experiment by going really early with your bike on the train and then work out a plan after that.


The nearest stations are Artarmon and North Ryde. Crossing Epping Rd to get to North Ryde station requires patience. Lane Cove National Park can be reached by going past North Ryde station and riding down the quiet road on the side of the cemetery. The trails in the national park at this end are shared roads only.


Extensions to This Trail

Try the wonderful Lane Cove National Park >>


You can continue on riding to Rhodes via Ryde >>


See Pictures of the Long Gully ride here >>




See the Google Map of the trail here


Starting in Willoughby

Starting in Willoughby

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End at Lane Cove Road - Now to Lane Cove National Park

End at Lane Cove Road - Now to Lane Cove National Park

North Ryde station >> photos now going back to Willoughby

North Ryde station >> photos now going back to Willoughby



You can continue on to Rhodes via Ryde >>




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