Captain Cook Bridge to Cronulla

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Captain Cook Bridge to Cronulla


Once you leave Captain Cooks bridge, you have a nice little trail along the coast of Botany Bay for about 1km. Then you hit a junction, left will be according to Council reports, a fully connected coastal trail that runs most of the way to Cronulla. Unfortunately you have to go right and ride through about 2 km of factory's to reconnect to the trail. This is not fun mid week but it is OK on Sunday.  It is for this reason I don't recommend this trail unless you need to commute or you are happy on roads. Kids would have trouble and there are not footpaths to bail out on.


When you rejoin the trail at Mangrove Ln, its fine till you turn to arrive at Captains Cook Drive.  Cross to the other side of the road where the track continues on a double lane concrete trail.  Follow that through to the end of Cronulla Golf Course. When Captain Cook drive turns North East, you head up Bate Bay Drive which turns into a steep hill.  At the top you will be at Wanda Reserve and Cronulla is south about 3 km on the very wide concrete path.


At Wanda Reserve is a kids play ground and a good kids bike track.


When you arrive in Cronulla, you are not allowed to continue along the coast according to the signage. You have to go up the roads. So your journey ends here and its a good place to stop.


Notes: Cronulla Station is very close so if you have travelled from the Inner West or Strathfield, relax and catch the train home.  Another thing to consider is the wind. Train to Cronulla and ride back with a southerly sounds like a plan.






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The photos start at Taren Pt in the rain and follow through to Cronulla and then they show the same trail on the way back







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