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Here is a post I made on the Greater Sydney Commission's Facebook page.




Garry from Quick background, in the last year I have poured over the maps of greater Sydney to find the safest place to ride bikes and I have traversed and photographed them. Conclusion is that all up there is 450km of safe trails and most of them you can get to by train if you really want to. But the location of the trails are pretty random and thats the problem, there is no structure to the trails.


The mission statement for bikes (electric bikes, push scooters and skateboards) should aim for one or more of the following.


1) There should be safe trails to stations and places to store your bikes.


2) There should be a safe network of bike trails across the city. Initially every 2km would be a major success but before that you need to join up the trails you have *.


3) Cycling in parks should be improved to encourage riders to stay away from busy traffic.  These should cater with appropriate designs for little kids, part time riders and the huge racing bike population.


4) Where there are clearly popular bike riding streets, work hard to expand and improve these. The universities are mecas for bikes, help them ride safely in all directions. The CBD, Redfern and the bridge are popular spots.



Ideas to get this happening quickly

Give councils special grants to make trails around or thru their own parks either in concrete or crushed gravel or even single track mtb.


If a road is too dangerous, ban the bikes. Sort out the alternative route beforehand. Freeways are not safe for a start.


What is a safe trail ?  In the busy areas, Bourke St, Surry Hills is a great example.  

Bourke St, Darlinghurst

Bourke St, Darlinghurst


In quieter suburbs, the narrower trail from Seaforth to Manly Lagoon is fine for both walkers and cyclists. See Balgowlah and Manly Golf clubs. What isn't safe is painted lines on busy roads. This may involve making some roads one way or local traffic only but if the goal is to build a network of trails, this has to happen.

Seaforth to Manly Lagoon 

Not so wide but OK for traffic volumes


Crushed gravel - width a little excessive but great to ride on

Bungarribee Park - Greater Western Parklands


Encourage more people to travel on trains with bikes and scooters in non peak times. Advertising could help. Stations without lifts don't help the cause especially with electric bikes.


In conclusion, decide on mission for active transport and make sure that the money is allocated and used to make Sydney a good and safe place for bikes and other forms of active transport.





* Obvious trail improvements for a good network stage one network are

fix the warehouse section on Cronulla

Olympic to Cooks River Trail not the mish mash that is Rhodes to Cooks River

Liverpool to Parramatta Connection is a downright dangerous or impossible to navigate or poorly maintained in places.  

The trail from Carramar to Rookwood Cemetery is actually very close.  There are plenty of roads that can be made safe for bikes. Same goes for Bankstown Velodrome to Bankstown station. I have yet to post my maps on this

Connect the M7 to Parramatta somehow.  

Tidy up the Sutherland trail which has only about 5km of road riding. This should be easy enough.

Connect Kingsgrove - M5 to Wolli Creek and the Airport to Brighton  

Somehow connect Botany to Brighton Le Sands

Chipping Norton Lake to Carramar  This is so close it is ridiculous it hasn't been done.

Make the trail from Heffron park to Chifley Park and La Perouse safe

Keep improving the connection from Iron Cove to Glebe Foreshore

Connect Epping Rd to North Sydney or something.  There are so many bikes in this area riding dangerous streets.


You can view Sydney bike trail locations on Google maps here



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