Liverpool Station to Chipping Norton Lake

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Liverpool Station to Chipping Norton Lake




This 16 km return trip from Liverpool Station is a great park ride. The trail starts at Lake Moore, jumps on a road for 2km and then follows the Georges River through parklands until the official version of the trail comes to an end.  

The ride is a bitumen surface with the odd tree root undulating the surface every now and again.

You can take your kids to any section of this ride and they will enjoy it.  If you come from Liverpool station you need to manouver yourself across a bridge and through some warehouses before you come to the start of the trail at Lake Moore.

I especially recommend it if there is going to be mist on the lakes because it was quite spectacular at 8am on a sunny day in May. Riding in


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Notes: Whilst it looks tempting to ride on through to the Carramar trail using Arthur St, this road is closed and very isolated. Riding along the north side of Newbridge Road is next to the very busy road but it has been improved in part with a shared path in 2018.  As there are so few coffee shops on offer, I suggest the one in Alfred St, Chipping Norton.



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Chipping Norton trail in blue

Chipping Norton trail in blue




External Links: Here is a trail on the North Side of Lake Moore that I haven't tried




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