East Hills Station to Fairfield Station via Carramar  

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East Hills Station to Fairfield Station via Carramar  

This 20 km one way trip near Liverpool in Sydney is a good clean rolling ride through the trees along smooth paths. The trail start in the nice suburb of East Hills and within a few 100 meters you are on separated trail for most of the next 16km. First I suggest a diversion towards the Bankstown University because the tarred path is so pleasing to roll on. Return to the edge of Henry Lawson drive. Make your way up and over the M5 carefully and turn left when the trail crosses the road into Millperra. Ride along between the Georges River and Henry Lawson until you cross under the very busy Newberry Road. On the other side of the tunnel head 20m towards the road to see the wonderful optical illusion house.


See trail on Western Parklands Map >>


Now you can cycle all the way to Carramar.  Take your time crossing the Hume Highway (its well organised) and if you are doing an up back, this is good place to turn around or just before where there are three good little hills.


At Carramar ride your bike down the not busy Waterside Cresent to the station. To get to Fairfield Station, continue under the Carramar station and head north for Haughton St, Carramar. From there the trail starts again and soon you will be in a good teenagers play park called Fairfield Adventure Park.  


If you are arriving by car, I recommend Kelso Park, East Hills as a good place to start just off the M5.

Older kids will enjoy this ride and people who like 20km hitouts like me, using the two train lines is a good adventure in itself. It certainly wasn't busy on the three weekdays at 9 am that I have riden it.


Find East Hills at the bottom of this map and the trail runs north from there >>


Ride from Carramar station to Milperra on a really nice trail

Ride from Carramar station to Milperra on a really nice trail

See trail in Google Maps >>


Pictures start at East Hills station and end at Fairfield Station


The Hume Highway is a good place to turn around if you are doing an up and back.  Takes a while to cross using the buttons.

The Hume Highway is a good place to turn around if you are doing an up and back.  Takes a while to cross using the buttons.






Carramar Trail shown in orange.  Chipping Norton in blue

Carramar Trail shown in orange.  Chipping Norton in blue


East Hills Station to Fairfield Station

You can extend this trail easily by starting at East Hills Station and riding through to Fairfield Station. Here are the pictures from the bike of that 18km one way good ride with few road crossings.


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Carramar in the morning in winter

If you like some fog, the Georges river has lots for you if you arrive early





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