Brighton Le Sands to Captain Cook Bridge

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Brighton Le Sands to Captain Cook Bridge

The 9km each way ride from Brighton Le Sands to the Captain Cook bridge is great. The trail is rarely near the road and your main issue on the trail is walkers and talkers and the odd kiddie out of control chasing a dog. If you go mid week, you will have no problems and if you go on the weekend you either have to go slow or go early. 

For a little extra distance, you can head across the Captain Cook bridge and go down a back street for a kilometer and finish off with a nice little track by the bay. The trail then heads onto factory roads. Don't bother unless you like roads. When you go back across the  Captain Cook bridge, find the track that takes you across on the left hand side.

Notes: All bike types, pretty good for older children. Make sure you have a bike bell and pedestrians have right of way on this trail when it is shared path. Nearest train stop to the track is Tempe or Wolli Creek.



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