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Tempe to Captain Cook Bridge via Brighton

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Tempe to Captain Cook Bridge via Brighton

Riding from Kendrick Park in Tempe through to the Captain Cook Bridge via Brighton Le Sands is 15km and its dead flat.  Except for sunny weekends when there are people to dodge, its a super trail. You probably will not stop at Brighton le Sands, you will likely continue to Sans Souci or just over the Captain Cooks bridge.


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It is important to understand that the connection just after Cahill Park is still in a state of confusion at the moment. Take your time crossing the roads in that area, all the people trying to drive thru the roadworks to the airport are really cranky.  If you want to skip the airport roads altogether, park near the Arncliffe Fire Station and join the trail there.  You can now ride all the way to Shark Park footy oval in Woolooware and back from there without crossing any roads. How good is that ! I love the section from Arncliffe to Botany Bay past the market gardens.


Another place to park is near the Kyeemagh Beach Baths which is one of the many Bay Pools on our pools page The 9km each way ride from here to the Captain Cook bridge is great. The trail is rarely near the road and your main issue on the trail is walkers and talkers and the odd kiddie out of control chasing a dog. If you go mid week, you will have no problems and if you go on the weekend you either have to go slow or go early. 

For a little extra distance, you can head across the Captain Cook bridge and continue on down to Cronulla if your legs desire.  When you go back across the Captain Cook bridge, find the track that takes you across on the left hand side.

Notes: All bike types, pretty good for older children. Make sure you have a bike bell and pedestrians have right of way on this trail when it is shared path. If you want to train, stations that are nearby are Wolli Creek and Cronulla and Sydneham which is a good connector.


This trail connects with the Cooks River trail to the west and to Cronulla to the south or there is Mascot Station to the East. For those who like one way riding, catch the train to Sutherland Station and ride one way all the way to Tempe or Cronulla >>


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Photos of the Section from Kendrick Park - Tempe through to Brighton


Airpor0942_DSC07338Airpor0945_DSC02965Airpor0950_DSC07305Airpor0955_DSC07307Airpor0955_wolli to Brighton
The difficult Mascot section near Wollli Creek 

The difficult Mascot section near Wollli Creek 



Pictures from Brighton Le Sands through to Captain Cook Bridge


Bright1010_DSC02968Bright1020_DSC02971Bright1020_WP_20170128_07_38_36_Rich_LIBright1025_DSC02628Bright1030_DSC07352Bright1035_DSC07361Bright1040_DSC02973Bright1050_DSC02975Bright1060_DSC02977Bright1068_WP_20170703_11_59_48_Pro 1 1Bright1070_DSC02592Take the west sde when heading to Sans Souci





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